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First six months of Modi 2.0 showcase the PM’s vision for his second term

First six months of Modi 2.0 showcase the PM’s vision for his second term

by bjpmodiDecember 3, 2019

The second Narendra Modi government has completed six months in office. Arguably, these have been the most transformative first six months of any government in recent decades. What are some of the representative attributes and insights that we can glean from the way these six months, and indeed the year 2019, have panned out?

First, the mind of Modi veers from convention. It commits. Most of us are confronted with challenging situations in our daily lives: We are then asked to say yes or no, and face the consequences of our decisions. Some deliberate, some refuse, some procrastinate, some take decisions in despair, some are forced by circumstances or by others to take decisions, most just don’t take any decision — which is also a kind of decision. But Modi embraces decision. He does not shirk any responsibility. In fact, the greater the challenge, brighter is the scope for Modi to take the right decision and manage the consequences.

Article 370 is now history and Kashmir is peaceful, the Ram Mandir issue has been settled, Pakistan’s nuclear bluff — under which its terror machine operated with impunity — has been called out, economically weaker sections under general category now have reservation benefits without causing any social upheaval in the process; and, the so-called “secular veto” on triple talaq has been neutralised. All of these issues had been pending for years or decades primarily because decision-making was subpar.          ……….. Read More

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